Wpf binding not updating textbox

That was a lot of theory, but even though the Background Worker is easy to use, it's important to understand how and what it does, so you don't accidentally do something wrong - as already stated, errors in multi-threading can lead to some nasty problems.Enough with the theory - let's see what it's all about.The Background Worker is built around this idea, and therefore comes with the two events Progress Changed and Run Worker Completed.The third event is called Do Work and the general rule is that you can't touch anything in the UI from this event.As you can see from the code, we do pretty much the same, but in a slightly different way.


Instead, you have to invoke a method on the UI (main) thread which then makes the desired changes.This is quite a surprise to people who are new to Windows programming, when they first do something that takes more than a second and realize that their application actually hangs while doing so.



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