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RELATED: Alex O'Loughlin Teases 'Hawaii Five-0' Secrets Speaking specifically to the 150th episode itself, it’s far more family-oriented with the return of Mc Garrett’s mother, Doris.What excited you about exploring the tenuous relationship mother and son?He and Catherine were at one point close to getting engaged.Is he turning over a new leaf and willing to settle down at some point? (.) He was all but left at the altar, but they were a very real thing and he had the experience that he had [with Catherine].ET: You’ve been with this character, Steve Mc Garrett, for seven seasons.Are you able to step back and appreciate the breadth of work you’ve been able to do on ?And I think he got some sort of resolution with Doris as well by finally understanding what Catherine’s M. With Catherine in the past, how does all Mc Garrett went through affect his perspective on his relationship with Lynn now? She’s a cute girl, she’s funny, Mc Garrett likes her a lot, and she’s good in bed.I think that he’s now probably freed up to do whatever he wants.



It’s a highlight for me, those tiny moments that you don’t see but I feel.He’s going to do what he wants anyway but he’s cut the cord with Catherine and in a loving way.



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