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It is possible to transfer the registration to another person as indicated above by paying a supplement of 15,00 euro.Confirmation Letter Upon completion of the registration on line an email will be sent by SDAM to confirm the acceptance of the registration.


Marathon Fees 2017: can be seen on the hard copy of an Entry Form or directly on the web site 5,00 euro chip deposit must be added to the registration fees indicated at the date of registration unless you have a Champion chip of your own The organization may temporarily suspend or close earlier the registrations in case of reaching the maximum limit of 4,500 participants for marathon and half marathon in order to guarantee all adequate services.

He will be assigned a new bib number still available with consequent start order.

The option to transfer the registration to another person can be used only in the edition 2017 and in any case only once.

No additional reductions in the registration fee can be used in conjunction with transferring of registration to another person.

In case of cancellation of the event due to “force majeure” reasons, the registrations can be transferred to successive years, no more than 3 editions, pending confirmation of attendance and acceptance of the regulation of the selected year.

For pick-up of bib numbers it is necessary to show an ID document, the confirmation letter received also on smartphone or tablet and possible additional documents indicated in the confirmation letter (membership card, Run Card or updated medical certificate).



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