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Conveyance Deed is executed in the cases of free hold allotments only.

Stamp Duty is the duty paid by the allottee to the Collector of Stamps under the GNCTD, before execution of the conveyance Deed., as per the rates fixed by the Government from time to time and is to be borne by the allottee.

Financial year commencing on or after ) for Form 23AC-XBRL and Form 23ACA- XBRL, no additional fees will be charged in case the filing is done on or before 28th February, 2013 or due date of filing, whichever is later.


The sub-registrar office will give you an appointment number and the date and the time when you are expected to visit the office. The Delhi Revenue Department website has details on registration process.If you do not register your property within four months of the execution of the sale deed, according to Section 49 of the act, you will not have transaction rights over the property.This is important because without clearly defined property titles, fraud will be rampant and people will not be able to engage in legally valid transactions.The Delhi government on May 19, 2015, announced that residents of illegal colonies will have to pay one-fifth of the charges if they take water and sewer connections within the next three months.


Here’s a look at how property registration process in Delhi is like: In Delhi, registration of property is compulsory, according to section 17 of the Registration Act, 1908.For registration of will, there is no stamp duty, but you will have to pay a registration fee of Rs. Conveyance deed, in this context, refers to conversion of lease hold property to free hold property.


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