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A few have described the school at this time as nothing more than a "religious seminary".However, many of its graduates at this time would go on to great success and become well renowned in their fields. Harris was appointed the university's president in 1921.BYU's Museum of Art, for example, is one of the largest and most attended art museums in the Mountain West.This museum aids in academic pursuits of students at BYU via research and study of the artworks in its which the children of the Latter-day Saints can receive a good education unmixed with the pernicious atheistic influences that are found in so many of the higher schools of the country." with classes commencing on January 3, 1876.Warren Dusenberry served as interim principal of the school for several months until April 1876 when Brigham Young's choice for principal arrived—a German immigrant named Karl Maeser. The school, however, did not become a university until the end of Benjamin Cluff's term at the helm of the institution.At the beginning of his tenure, the school was not officially recognized as a university by any accreditation organization.



A series of odd managerial decisions by Cluff led to his demotion; however, in his last official act, he proposed to the Board that the Academy be named "Brigham Young University".The university did not have the facilities to handle such a large influx, so he bought part of an Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah and rebuilt it to house some of the students. Wilkinson, also oversaw a period of intense growth, as the school adopted an accelerated building program.


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