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-shabelela (shabelezi) to lop completely leav-ing a bare trunk.shaku-sbaku! expressing the coming back to life after a swoon, fainting fit, coma, syncope, etc. to teach a person to follow one's bad habits, to lead someone into evil. i shambani hahulu too much space has been left be tween the lines of this mat. -sefeha (sefehile) that which can be easily sifted rec.


to enjoy the satisfaction of having eaten succu-lent relish after having been long-ing for it for a long time.

-s belelela (sabelelezi) to fear and go for good: Mutu yani u sabelelezi, ha sa tola a bonwafa hape; that man had the fright of his life and went for good, so he will never be seen here again m.


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