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Mechanism of action System includes a measurement probe, control unit, and computer fitted with a frame grabber.

The control unit consists of an illumination device and imaging electronics.


This article provides an overview of the state of the art methodologies for the detection and assessment of early carious lesions.With this synchronous movement, images of objects in the focal plane remain in fixed positions on radiographic film and are clearly imaged.On the other hand, images of objects located outside focal plane have continuously changing positions on the film.This review is based on Pub Med for available literature on caries detection methodology and tools, using terms such as "early detection of caries," "caries detection methods or tools," "transillumination," "fluorescence," and "newer caries detection method," Conventional or the traditional methods for the detection of caries have failed to detect early incipient caries effectively.

The advanced methods provide promising results in detection both early caries and also caries occurring on all surfaces of the tooth, which paves the way for a more preventive approach to caries management.

Diagnostic methods for early detection of dental caries - A review.



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