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Cyborg is one part man and one part machine, and struggles with his identity because of it.Much like Cyborg, you can at times be very vibrant, social, and extroverted. Eventually, Willis was sent to prison and never returned home despite earning his release after a few years. Raised in the slums of the poor side of Gotham City, Jason Todd was a dark haired boy and the son of a petty criminal named Willis Todd.When Martian Manhunter isn’t busy using his telepathy to poke around in the minds of others, he’s usually stuck inside his own head and is very critical of himself.A deeply introspective member of the team, Martian Manhunter is often seen as reserved, despite the fact that he is very social.Power Girl is from another dimension all together, and has a hard time totally fitting in our version of the Justice League.Like Power Girl, you like a little variety in life and can’t be expected to live within the limitations of just one universe.


At other times, however, Aquaman seeks solace under the sea and becomes more introverted and reserved, and less reliable.

I’m not a big fan on relationship quizzes but the geek in me couldn’t pass up the super-hero relationship quiz at Comic


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