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I've got to practice saying, "Back to you Dermot," which will be quite exciting.

Laid-back look: Caroline looked effortlessly chic in a scallop-trim navy and burgundy jacket and a simple sky blue vest, while wearing her honey blonde locks tied back from her face in a low ponytail The bar opened its doors just after 7pm as their researched revealed more than a quarter of the UK believe 7pm is the perfect time to go out, while ensuring there was a seat for every attendee as they found 80 per cent of pub-goers spend most of our time indoors.

For a timeless style appeal, go mad for a monochrome mini like Caroline Flack's ASOS skirt in dogtooth which was a bargain at its original £40 price tag but now a complete steal at just £21.50!

The Xtra Factor presenter shows off her style credentials by teaming her high street purchase with a touch of designer kudos with a black Missoni roll neck which gives even more flare to her 60s vibe.



Any sales or other uses of this document are expressly forbidden, without the specific consent of the author(s). 6-18 23 Feb 93 Please Don't Touch the Dinosaur 139. 6-24 18 May 93 The House Meets the Mouse (2) Season 7 145. The three share a house and the duties of raising Danny's three daughters, 5th grader Donna Jo aka D. In season four, Jesse marries his girlfriend Rebecca, who moves into the house, whereupon they have twin boys and both families end up living under the same roof.

The show was the flagship of ABC's TGIF lineup in the early 1990s.While the TV presenter looked at ease in her new job, this weekend signals the start of a new phase of her professional life as she prepares to host The X Factor live shows from behind-the-scenes for the first time.


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